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A Friends of the Porongurup Range tradition since 2002

Ann Burchell
Ann Burchell played a pivotal role in the purchase of Twin Creeks Community Conservation Reserve and envisioned a sculpture display in the park as an opportunity to raise money to pay back the funds borrowed for the acquisition of the Twin Creeks.

First exhibition
The first exhibition opened on 30 March 2002.  The list of artists included:  Linda Morrison, Hilde Ranson,  Anne Luscombe, Jodie deBurgh, Melanie McQuillan,  Kevin Draper, Wendy Diletti, Christine Baker, Trish Powell, Adam Webb. Maureen James, Richard Blythe, Richard Cooper, Richard Malpass. Alice Hearn, Angus & Melanie Mackenzie, Peter MacDonnell,  Alex Erskine, Les Sharpe & Ian Ranson.

Barbara Coppin
The 2002 exhibition included the “People’s Choice” award, sponsored by Barbara Coppin in honour of her father (The H.E. Braine Art Award) and was presented to Linda Morrison for The Watchers. Barbara was a staunch member of the Friends of the Porongurup Range and generously continued sponsorship until her death in 2010. An outspoken environmentalist, Barbara was an active “greenie” in her earlier years in Perth. Later, she financially supported groups and organisations which were involved in land care and conservation including assistance in the purchase of the Twin Creeks.  Barbara bequeathed a legacy to the Friends upon her death; the Barbara Coppin Fund will continue to support Art in the Park prize winners. The Friends are grateful for her support.


The Watchers
Left: The Watchers by Linda Morrison. Middle: Barbara Coppin 2005. Right: Barbara Coppin and Lucia Quearry 2009

The Porongurup Fire
The community was profoundly affected by the February 2007 Porongurup Bush Fire which challenged the Art in the Park organisers as well.  Damage to the park and surrounding areas was extensive and many sections deemed unsafe. Nearly 50 artists had created works and were anxious for the exhibition opening on 7th April.  Permission was finally granted for the event to be held in a restricted section of the Park with only a fortnight left before the opening. Orange barrier tape blocked off access to the remainder of the park where stumps were burning underground and trees dropping weakened limbs and branches.  In spite of the challenges, Art in the Park 2007 was a success.


Ode the Bush Spirit Storage Vessels of the Mountains Planatenet Potters, sign affected by fire

2007: Ode the Bush Spirit, David Derrin, Storage Vessels of the Mountains, Plantagenet Potters, Sign affected by fire.


The May 2015 issue of The Understorey includes photos and results of the 2015 Art in the Park.

The issue can be downloaded here.

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